Director of Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the website of the Math Director of Undergraduate Studies. Contact information for the current DUS is in the table below. Both of us can be reached via e-mail first.last 


Useful links: 

Our office hours are listed below. If they do not work for you, let us know and we will schedule an appointment for you.

Both of us are available for all questions, though it is recommended that inquiries about level 100 courses and technical questions about requirements of the major go to Miki, and inquiries about student research (including senior projects) go to Andy. 

Please note that we sometimes run into unavoidable conflicts with our office hours. We will announce any such conflicts directly within the table below, as far in advance as possible. 

Andrew Neitzke, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Term office hours (Sept.1 - Dec.10), except for school holidays:
Wednesdays 11am - 12pm, in person (DL 425)

Miki Havlickova, Associate DUS

Term office hours, until December 10, except for school holidays (via zoom, for the immediate future): 

** On Thursday, October 28, Miki’s office hours will be 3 - 3:30pm, instead of the usual time. (This is due to an unavoidable conflict with a meeting I have to attend.)**

  • Tuesdays 3 - 3:30pm
  • Thursdays 2 - 2:30pm