Math Community


Yale Undergraduate Math Society (YUMS)

The Yale Undergraduate Mathematics Society, or YUMS, aims to create and foster a community for undergraduates at Yale interested in mathematics. It does so by hosting a number of events for math students, including colloquia, study sessions, game nights, and panels about the math major and summer opportunities.   Check out for more information, and visit our contact information site to sign up for the weekly YUMS newsletter


Dimensions is a student-led organization, which is Yale’s chapter of the AWM, and the group aims to inspire, celebrate, and empower women and gendered minorities in mathematics. All students are welcome to join Dimensions as well as the events organized by Dimensions. Our objectives are: To create a network and community that celebrates the accomplishments of women and gender minorities in math at Yale; to indicate a presence of women and gender minorities in the math department and be a resource for prospective mathematics students; to provide avenues for support and mentorship of current students and faculty; to help connect undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and faculty. Please visit us at our website or our Istagram page

Summer Undergraduate Research at Yale (SUMRY)

Summer Undergraduate Math Research at Yale (SUMRY) is a nine-week summer program hosted by the Mathematics Department at Yale University with the primary goal of engaging a diverse group of undergraduate students in original mathematics research. We welcome applications from women and underrepresented students at this early stage in their training.


Yale MathCounts Outreach is an Undergraduate Organization working to provide after-school math enrichment programs for New Haven Middle and Elementary School students and to help younger students stay engaged with math. Yale students teach math curriculum weekly in most New Haven public middle schools, as well as some New Haven elementary schools.  MathCounts Outreach organizes and executes numerous large-scale events throughout the year. Girls’ Math Day is one of these events, held annually in the fall to celebrate the accomplishments of women in math, and to encourage our female students to continue their studies. There are also two New Haven-wide math competitions during the spring semester, including the annual February Competition and April Competition that brings students from all over New Haven to compete and learn in a friendly, rewarding, and intellectually stimulating environment.  Up to date sign-up and contact information here.

DSAC - Applied Math

The Applied Math DSAC (Departmental Student Advisory Committee) was formed in Spring 2019 to consolidate input and feedback from students to help the Director of Undergraduate Studies make continuous improvements to the major, develop resources for undergraduates in the major, and to assist the DUS with the maintenance of the Applied Math website.  (Note, this is separate from the Student Advisory Committee for the math department)


The BATMOBYLE is a vehicle for bringing together the algebraic and tropical geometry groups of Brown and Yale for a biannual day of talks alternating between the two universities.


MMATHS is an undergraduate organization dedicated to fostering enthusiasm for mathematics among high-school students by hosting a math competition.  We also assist math majors at other universities in hosting their own competitions and promote connections between undergraduate math students across the country.   We are a fun and inclusive organization that enjoys working together!  From logistical planning to problem-writing to day-of volunteering at competitions, we welcome the support of anyone.  For more info about getting involved, please contact or; or

Yale Splash

Typically, Splash at Yale is an event that brings high school and middle school students to Yale University for one day of unlimited learning. Students who come take classs in a variety of both conventional and unconventional subjects taught by Yale undergraduate and graduate students! [Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will be hosting an online program this fall.]

Our goal is to build excitement for teaching and learning. We offer a plethora of classes with fascinating content, empowering students to satisfy curiosities, think critically, and cultivate new passions. 

On the teacher side, we offer Yale students an opportunity to give back to their community while sharing what they love. This is a great opportunity to become part of an educational venture and inspire students. As a Splash teacher, you get to pick any topic or subject that interests you, and teach about it for an hour! Your class can be a small discussion seminar, a large lecture class, or anything in between. Splash is a program run entirely by volunteers, and we rely on you all to make it happen! Check out our Facebook page or contact us: