Graduate Faculty and Their Research

Alexander Goncharov, Ph.D., (USSR). European Mathematical Society Prize. Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry: polylogarithms, zeta-functions, periods, Hodge theory, motives, motivic Galois groups, Quantum geometry of moduli spaces, Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics
Kolya Malkin
Oleksii Kislinskyi

Andrew Casson, Cambridge University, 1969. Royal Society Fellow. Low-dimensional topology, four manifold theory, algebraic topology, hyperbolic geometry.

Gregory Margulis, Ph.D., Moscow, 1970. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. National Academy of Sciences. Fields Medal. Lie group theory, ergodic theory, number theory, network theory, and dynamics.

Gregg Zuckerman, Ph.D., Princeton, 1975. Representation theory, applications of Lie theory, mathematical physics.

Hee Oh, Ph.D., Yale, 1997. Satter Prize. Homogeneous dynamics, discrete subgroups of Lie groups, Kleinian groups, hyperbolic geometry, and the resulting applications of number theory.
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Pratyush Sarkar

Igor Frenkel, Ph.D., Yale, 1980. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Infinite-dimensional algebras, representation theory, applications of Lie theory, mathematical physics.
Gabriel Bergeron-Legros

Peter Jones, Ph.D., UCLA, 1978. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. National Academy of Sciences. Salem Prize. Real, complex, and Fourier analysis, singular integrals, potential theory, dynamical systems.

Ronald Coifman, Ph.D., Geneva, 1965. Philips Professor of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Medal of Science, Rolf Schock prize . Nonlinear analysis, Scattering theory, Real and complex analysis, Singular integrals, Numerical analysis, Harmonic analysis and Geometry in high dimension Data Analysis
James Garritano
Jennifer Laine
Ph.D., Bonn, 2013. Real, Complex and Harmonic Analysis, Spectral Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Analytic Number Theory and Applications.
Louis Brown

Van Vu, Ph.D., Yale, 1998. Polya Prize. Fulkerson Prize. Combinatorics, probability, additive number theory, data science.
Byungmin So

Vincent Moncrief, Ph.D. Maryland, 1972. Relativity, mathematical physics.

Vladimir Rokhlin, Ph.D., Rice, 1983. National Academy of Sciences. Numerical scattering theory, elliptic partial differential equations, numerical solution of integral equations.

Wilhelm Schlag, Ph.D., Caltech 1996. Spectral Theory, Partial differential evolution equations, harmonic analysis

Yair Minsky, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1989. Kleinian groups, Teichmuller theory, geometric group theory, holomorphic dynamics, differential geometry.
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Fernando Al Assal

Yifeng Liu, Ph.D., Columbia University, 2012. Algebraic number theory, algebraic and arithmetic geometry, automorphic forms
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