Advising resources, summer 2020

Math advising resources and events for first-year students, Fall 2020

Placement exam information

The placement exam info site is the best source of information.

Please note that the placement exam is required in order to enroll in Math 110, 112, 115, 116, 120. It is also needed if you plan to seek advice during our placement advising session (otherwise the advisers will not be able to help you with placement).

Syllabus and videos, for information about each course

These will be available in early August, linked from Online Course Search



For quick questions that are not addressed in the FAQ’s, you can e-mail:

Use the specified subject line, to help the advisers identify your e-mail. 

For course specific questions, the course coordinator / instructor, with the subject line: “Question about Math [number]”.

Quick placement questions (after completing the placement test), with the subject line “Placement question”:   

Math major / advanced course / other questions, with the subject “DUS question”:   

For more complex questions, advising via zoom:  

If you completed the placement exam, missed the placement advising session, and wish to consider switching to another course, please contact the course director of the class you wish to take - the list is above. 

Placement advising sessions, for individual questions about placement and calculus (after completing the placement exam). At each sessions, several advisers will be split into breakout rooms for individual consults. A session manager will keep track of newly joined students, and assign them to the breakout rooms as advisers become available. 

It is possible that the beginning of each session will be crowded; it may be beneficial to plan on joining a little later. 

The sessions took place on August 4 - 6. 

For questions about Math 230-231, Pat Devlin will hold a group Q&A session at Monday’s palcement advising session. 

Academic Fair, for questions about everything except individual advice about calculus placement. This year, the Fair will be in the form of an introductory video (linked below) followed by a live Q&A session on zoom.

The Q&A session was on Tuesday, August 11, 10 - 11am ET. The recording is available below. 

Math orientation video

Math live session video


Calculus sections note

At the moment, OCS does not list instructors for calculus sections. This year, the setup of the courses will be closer to having discussion sessions rather than lectures in the sections - and we wanted to have maximum flexibility to pick the meeting times based on student input. We have, therefore, scheduled many more calculus meeting times than we plan to offer. Once we see which times are requested by students in preference selection, we will decide which sections will actually be offered, and who will teach them. I realize this will not allow you to select your instructor, but we thought that the flexibility was crucial this year, to accommodate student schedules, time zones, and other constraints in this unusual situation.