Geometry, Analysis and Groups

A day of lectures in honor of Dan Mostow

Celebrating his 90th birthday and receipt of the 2013 Wolf Prize

Videos of the talks are now available here

Wednesday, Oct 23 2013
Yale University, New Haven CT

Schedule: (all lectures will take place in Dunham Lab 220)

10 Curtis McMullen Mostow Rigidity
11-11:30 Break  
11:30 Yum-Tong Siu Developments in Kaehler geometry from Mostow’s strong rigidity
12:30 Lunch  
2 Pierre Deligne Coverings of the punctured plane, and half integral weight modular forms
3-3:30 Break  
3:30-4:30 Robert Langlands

The search for a mathematically satisfying geometric theory of automorphic forms

Lecture notes:

6-7 Reception Q club
7 Dinner Q club

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Conference Poster:

Mostow 90 Poster