Yale Math Major wins Virginia Tech Contest

November 21, 2011

 The Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest is an annual competition similar in style to the Putnam Exam, with participation mainly from schools in Virginia and nearby states. This year, six hundred and fourteen contestants from ninety-nine schools took the two and a half hour test.
 Yale celebrates great success, as two of our own students are on the official list of top thirty contestants. Xiaosheng Mu, a Junior Math Major, received a perfect score of 70/70, and shares first place with Palmer Mebane from Harvey Mudd College. Both winers will receive a prize of $300. Tong Zhan, also a Yale Junior, took 25th place with a score of 39.
 This year's exam and solutions, as well as the complete list of results, can be found on the contest webpage at http://www.math.vt.edu/people/plinnell/Vtregional/.
 Yale Math Department is very proud of all our participants, with special congratulations going to our winners. Both Xiaosheng Mu and Tong Zhan are on Yale's team for the Putnam Exam, which is to run on Saturday December 3. May their success follow them there!