Jim Rolf, Miki Havlickova and John Hall have been awarded the Rosenkrantz Award

May 13, 2015

The Yale Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) invites proposals from faculty members who wish to introduce creative uses of technology to improve their courses. We encourage proposals to: 1) redesign completely a course by incorporating technology to advance learning; or 2) use technology in a way that revises and improves some part of a course.
Faculty members from the FAS as well as all graduate and professional schools are eligible, and proposals may be submitted by individuals or faculty teams.
Up to 15 proposals will be selected to receive up to $10,000 in services and support. Funds will not be used as salary support for the faculty member(s) involved in the project. Funds may be budgeted for student assistants, specific hardware, software, or other learning materials (ex. creation of interactive simulations) as appropriate for the project.
The CTL will provide professional and technical resources required for selected projects. These resources may include instructional design, technical development and media production.
Example projects that meet these criteria include Jim Rolf’s redesign of Math 115 to promote student learning using pre-class assessment and Doug McKee’s creation of a more engaged economics classroom environment using lecture capture (Echo 360) and collaboration (Piazza).[1]
Please view this video to learn more from Jim Rolf about his project.
Please contact Jennifer Frederick, Executive Director of the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, with questions.