Compactification of the SL(3,R)-Hitchin component

Geometry & Topology
Event time: 
Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 4:00pm
Charles Ouyang
Speaker affiliation: 
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Event description: 

Hitchin components are natural generalizations of the classical Teichm├╝ller space. In the setting of SL(3,R), the Hitchin component parameterizes the holonomies of convex real projective structures. By
studying Blaschke metrics, which are Riemannian metrics associated to such structures, along with their limits, we obtain a compactification of the SL(3,R) Hitchin component. We show the boundary objects are hybrid structures, which are in part flat metric and in part laminar. These hybrid objects are natural generalizations of measured laminations, which are the boundary objects in Thurston's compactification of Teichm├╝ller space. (joint work with Andrea Tamburelli)

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