Bounds for the Least Integral Solutions of Inequalities Involving Diophantine Quadratic Forms.

Group Actions and Dynamics
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Monday, November 18, 2019 - 4:15pm
Thomas Hille
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Let $Q$ be a non-degenerate indefinite Diophantine quadratic form in d variables. In the mid 80’s, Margulis proved the Oppenheim conjecture, which states that if $d \geq 3$ and $Q$ is not proportional to a rational form then $Q$ takes values arbitrarily close to zero at integral points. In this talk we will discuss the problem of obtaining bounds for the least integral solution of the Diophantine inequality $|Q[x]|< \epsilon$ for any positive $\epsilon$ if $d \geq 5$ if in addition $Q$ satisfies a certain Diophantine condition. We will show how to obtain explicit bounds that are polynomial in $\epsilon$, with exponents depending only on the Diophantine properties of Q. 
This talk is based on joint work with P. Buterus, F. Götze and G. Margulis.