Competitions and Prizes

All Yale freshman and sophomores are eligible to take a competitive exam given at the end of the spring term. The Benjamin F. Barge and Charles M. Runk prizes are distributed amongst the highest scorers. The John Alan Lewis prize money is awarded to mathematics majors selected by the Department for continuing studies during the summer. Interested students must submit a proposal to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Contact the DUS for deadlines and guidelines.

The Anthony D. Stanley , George Beckwith and Deforest prizes are divided annually among students chosen by the Department. See Prizes for Undergraduate Mathematics Majors.

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is a U.S. and Canada-wide undergraduate competition for individuals and teams. (Three students chosen from each university comprise a team.) The competition consists of two three-hour sessions generally held on the first Saturday in December. A strong showing on the Putnam exam carries a good deal of weight in the mathematics community, and generally helps if the student later applies for graduate study in mathematics. Information will be available in the early fall.  The Undergraduate Math Society holds practice sessions, under guidance of a faculty member or graduate student; write for more information.