Department hosts virtual cake-making event (Malakoff torte)

Malakoff torte made by Wilhelm Schlag (with smaller slice of flourless chocolate cake)
November 20, 2020

On Friday night, Professor Wilhelm Schlag hosted a virtual cake-making tutorial for the math department!  The video call was well-attended by faculty, staff, and students as Wilhelm demonstrated how to make a Malakoff Torte (recipe available here).

Several participants followed along by making their own tortes at home, while others enjoyed calling in to learn and share in the fun from their living rooms.

The event was recorded for those who were unable to join live, and it is available on request from Pat Devlin.

A similar event is in the works, with Professor Schlag thinking of showing us how to make a flourless chololate cake…  But first, we need to finish eating our tortes!

This event is part of the department’s ongoing efforts to sustain an inclusive and welcoming social environment.  If you have any ideas for similar events you’d like to see, please contact Pat Devlin, who will be glad to help coordinate, plan, and advertise.

[Photos of cakes.  Above: Wilhelm Schlag’s Malakoff torte with a smaller slice of flourless chocolate cake.  Below: Malakoff torte made by Aaron Calderon during the event!]

Make made by Aaron Calderon during the event

Professor Schlag demonstrating a key step in making the Malakof tortes