Math Peer Mentor Program

Peer mentor events, Fall 2020

Next event information: 

On Sunday, November 1st, at 2:00pm, the peer mentors will be hosting a panel about career paths outside of academia. Come join us to hear recent math graduates share their experiences in industry, government, and beyond, and to ask your own questions about navigating life after Yale as a math major. You can attend the panel through this Zoom link:
  • Elisa Martinez (YC ’18), Government Analyst 
  • Ben Martin (YC ’18), Data Scientist
  • Veena Advani (YC ’18), Venture Capitalist
  • Sonali Durham (YC ’20), Paralegal

I will include an independent YUMS event: 

YUMS will be holding a panel on graduate school application on Thursday, Nov. 5th, from 4 to 5 PM EDT via Zoom at

The event is designed for current seniors and juniors, but is open to the entire undergraduate student body. The key topics we will cover include planning ahead, asking for recommendation letters, deciding on the list of schools, taking the GRE, writing essays, and so on. We will also discuss the impact of COVID on graduate school admissions and how to plan correspondingly.

Participants will find themselves benefit the most if they are in the process of graduate school application in pure/applied math or related fields, or are interested in graduate studies and have researched their options. If you have questions for the panelists, please submit them via this anonymous survey at by Sunday, Nov. 1st, and we will answer them live during the event.

Please note that in order to ensure the privacy of participants, the event will not be recorded.

Panelists: Adela DePavia, Diana Halikias, Josh Hinman, Charles Kenney, Catherine Lee


  • 4:00-4:10: Panelists introduce themselves and give an opening statement.
  • 4:10-4:20: Catherine Lee: Timeline for graduate school application.
  • 4:20-4:40: Panelists respond to question collected by anonymous survey.
  • 4:40-5:00: Panelists field questions from the audience. Audience members may PM one of the organizers to have their questions asked anonymously.

In the near future: 

  • Summer math research programs and internships, end of Fall semester.

Past events this academic year: 

  • September 1, 7pm: a bluebooking session co-organized with YUMS . Link to the session is .
  • A social event for current peer advisees. 
  • Imposter syndrome workshop. 

Math Peer Mentors

Alex Cohen

Amber Hu

Christopher Xue

Mirilla Zhu

More about the mentors:

Alex: My name is Alex! I’m a senior majoring in math from NYC. I love all fields of math, and I plan to go to graduate school for math next year. In my free time I do math research, drink coffee, go on long walks / adventures with my friends, and cook lentils.

Amber: Hi! My name is Amber, and I’m a senior math major from Lake Zurich, IL. Besides taking many of Yale’s wonderful math classes, I also do research in applied math and statistics and work as a peer tutor. In my free time, I love reading fiction, playing the piano, and attempting to bake/cook things. I’m happy to share my experiences with classes, research, being a woman in math, and anything else you’re curious about! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Christopher: I’m a math major (unsurprisingly), class of 2021, Trumbull College. Besides studying math, I like playing games in my free time, in particular League of Legends and Tetris. I hope I can be a valuable resource to anyone who has any questions about the major, I’ll help as best I can.

Mirilla: Hi everyone! I’m a rising junior in Saybrook, originally from just outside of Boston. Happy to chat about anything related to the department!

Program overview

The math department has established an informal peer mentoring system, where junior and senior mathematics majors provide advice and information about the major. They can answer questions about what it’s like to major in mathematics, about our classes, job and research opportunities, summer programs, and so on.

This year, our peer mentors are Alex Cohen, Amber Hu, Christopher Xue, and Mirilla Zhu. They will be available for advice about math classes and the math major, and they will organize regular events, such as a bluebooking (= choosing classes) session co-organized with YUMS, a session about summer programs, etc. 

If you are considering a math major, and would like to join one of the peer mentor groups, you can stop by one of their events, or fill out a request at .

Please note that the program is only meant for advice about the major, rather than help with content of any given course. For assistance with a particular class, we encourage you to make use of course-based resources, such as instructor office hours, TA’s, peer tutors, or ULA’s.