Lorentzian polynomials

Robinson Lectures
Event time: 
Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 4:15pm
LOM 215
June Huh
Speaker affiliation: 
Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton University
Event description: 

Lorentzian polynomials link continuous convex analysis and discrete convex analysis via tropical geometry. The tropical connection is used to produce Lorentzian polynomials from discrete convex functions. Although no specific background beyond linear algebra and multivariable calculus will be needed to enjoy the presentation, I advertise the talk to people with interests in at least one of the following topics: graphs, convex bodies, stable polynomials, projective varieties, Potts model partition functions, tropicalizations, Schur polynomials, highest weight representations. Based on joint works with Petter Brändén, Christopher Eur, Jacob Matherne, Karola Mészáros, and Avery St. Dizier. The first talk on March 4 will focus on the theory of Lorentzian polynomials, and the second talk on March 5 will cover applications.