Department FAQs

For IT related problems, please send mail to: or feel free to stop by

DL 442 and speak with Claudia Villano (203-645-4493).  Or send mail to:


Classroom Assistance - For problems with equipment in the classrooms, please call Classroom Technology & Event Services at 432-2650. 


The best printer to use in the department is the Ricoh copier in the mailroom.  There are also printers in DL 442 (color printer) and DL403 (grad area-key needed). Please send mail to: for further information.

Also:  Available to all in the Department is a MakerBot Replicator2 3D printer  (See Claudia in DL442 )

VPN - MFA Authentication

Links to IT Policies:  University Appropriate Use Policy

Eduroam - wifi at other universities -

Mathematica - new version available: