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Undergraduate studies

This page is intended as a guide for undergraduates, both majors and nonmajors, in choosing courses of study and programs in the Mathematics Department. It supplements the Yale College Programs of Study, which contains official program and and course information and should be consulted for further details.

The current Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is Andrew Casson. He is available to answer questions about the mathematics program, to sign majors' programs of study and other forms, and in general to advise students on matters related to their mathematics studies.

Email: andrew.casson@yale.edu

Phone: (203) 432-7056

Office: 216 LOM


 Registrar:  Yvette Barnard

Undergraduate News

Mathematics Prizes

The Barge Prizes & the John Alan Lewis Prize

Directed Reading program begins this fall

The Directed Reading Program will pair undergraduate students together with graduate student mentors to read a mathematics text over the course of one semester. Undergraduates will receive a free copy of the book used.

2014 Math Prizes

Barge Prizes and John Alan Lewis Prize


Prizes and Exams

The Barge Prize  in mathematics will be awarded to freshmen and sophomores on the basis of a competitive exam.