Yale University



April: In the week of April 23 to 27, the conference

Automorphic Forms:  L-functions, and Related Geometry

will review the work of I. I. Piatetski-Shapiro, focussing on automorphic forms and the applications of L-functions.

May:  In the week of May 12 to 17, the conference

Perspectives in Representation Theory

will survey recent advances in representation theory and its applications to physics, with special attention to the many seminal ideas advanced by Igor Frenkel.

June:  From June 4 to 6, the conference

Challenges in Geometry, Analysis and Computation:  High-Dimensional Synthesis

will examine the state of the art in applying ideas from harmonic and other areas of analysis, especially those of the triumvirs

Raphy Coifman, Vladimir Rokhlin and Peter Jones, to problems stemming from physics and the data deluge.

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