Yale University

Calculus advising and preregistration

Placement information

If you plan to enroll in Math 110, 112,  115, 116, or  120 and have not taken the previous course in the sequence here at Yale, you must first take the online placement exam. The exam will return your placement immediately upon submission.

If you have questions about your placement, or wish to get advice about Math 110, 112, 115, 116, or 120, you can attend our advising session. Please note that in order to attend the session, you need to take the placement exam first, and bring it with you (you can print it out, or bring an electronic device that can display the test - something larger than a cell phone, please :)

This year, the advising session for Fall and Spring semester calculus classes will take place on Monday, August 28, between 9:00am and 4:30pm in room 432 Dunham Lab

Placement results are valid for one year. We encourage you to take the test during the summer of 2017, so that you can come to the advising session, if you need help.

If you have taken Math 111 or 112 at Yale, then you can enroll in Math 115 without taking the placement test. Similarly, if you have taken Math 115 or 116, then you automatically have permission to enroll in Math 120.

Lottery information

The lotttery for sections will open at 9:00am on Wednesday, August 23 and close at 5:00pm on Monday, August 28. Please note that you are only eligible to enroll in the course for which you have placement (see above).

While the lottery is open, you will be able to register your preferences for sections of calculus by logging in through one of the sites Math 112, Math 115, Math 120. You may enter the lottery anytime while it is open - the date of your entry will in no way affect the results.

Results of the lottery should be available within a few hours of the closing time. To view your placement, log into the preference site again, it will display your assigned section. As of Fall 2017, lottery assignments should automatically appear on OCS.  It is the first time they are to be linked - to be safe, please check your assignment on the lottery site as well, to make sure it matches your OCS schedule. There is no lottery for Math 110 or 116.

In order to secure your spot in your assigned section, you must have a valid placement in the course (see placement information above). You must also attend the first class meeting - if you are unable to do so, e-mail the instructor ahead of time, or you may be removed from the roster.

If you miss section lottery, or wish to switch sections, you need to e-mail the instructor of your desired section (the full listing can be found on OCI), and ask to be put on the waiting list. Depending on the size of the section, you may or may not be able to attend lectures while on the waiting list - the instructor will let you know.

Note that neither the DUS, nor the advisors at the Academic Fair (in the Fall) can help you with section placement; e-mailing the instructor is the only way to join a new section.